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Our fully automated system will search for both bullish and bearish MACD Divergence Pattern among all active US stocks

We truely understand that not many people have time to find MACD Divergence Pattern out from so many instruments every day. That's why we are here to help you do this EVERY trading date!

Powerfulness of MACD Divergence

Dr. Alexander Elder, the famous professional trader who wrote the book "Trading for a Living", is a well known practitioner of the MACD Divergence trading technique. Here are a little recap of how MACD Divergence works in our daily trading

Early Signal Detection

MACD Divergence can provide early warning signs of potential trend reversals, allowing traders to prepare for or take advantage of upcoming price movements.

Confirmation of Trend Strength

By comparing MACD indicators with price action, traders can gauge the strength of the current trend. A divergence often signals weakening momentum, suggesting a possible shift.

Versatility Across Timeframes

MACD Divergence is effective across various timeframes, making it suitable for different trading styles, from day trading to long-term investments.

Risk Management

MACD Divergence can aid in risk management by providing clear signals for setting stop-loss orders or adjusting positions. When a divergence pattern emerges, it can serve as a cue to tighten stop-losses to protect gains or minimize losses, enhancing the overall risk management strategy of a trading plan. This additional layer of security is particularly useful in volatile markets, where price movements can be unpredictable.


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4 Apr 2024


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4 Apr 2024

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  • Only bullish or bearish MACD Divergence pattern is covered. We will provide bullish MACD Divergence charts when the current major market index is in bullish mode and vice versa. We have our own decision to consider the current major market index is bullish or bearish.
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Currently, only US stock market is covered. In the future, we hope to extend our services to other stock markets. Please stay tuned.

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You can view Weekly stock charts in portal on each Sunday between 3:00 am and 4:00 am in UTC time.

We get the raw stock data from well known website TradingView to draw our own MACD Divergence stock charts from these data. Therefore, the data is trustworthy and the charts are accurate.

Currently, there are 6862 US stocks we will check. Full list can be downloaded here: Full US Stock list